Whale Tails Hotel

Enjoy the Luxury of silence

Whale Tails Hotel
Located on the edge of Statia Areal Volcano National Park ( Quill ), Whale Tails restaurant, lounge club and hotel is a sensational retreat with exquisite accommodation, outdoor spa, sophisticated dining scenes and wonderful jungle-fringed infinity pool.

Surrounded by luxuriant tropical vegetation, the thoughtfully crafted interiors exude quiet sophistication, with their lavish rich furnishings made of indigenous materials, and colorful exotic details. The marvelous outdoor spaces feature daybeds and fully furnished terraces ideal for alfresco dining, and the only connection with the outside world is a 2 miles adventurous road.

Hurricane proof
Whale Tails Hotel will be build according to the current knowledge and highest standards of hurricane proof constructing.
Room and window
Room and window
Room and window
Construction in progress
Have a look at the construction site, see how the project takes shape.
September 2019, Whale Tails Hotel.
December 2019, Whale Tails Hotel.
February 2020, Whale Tails Hotel.
March 2020, Whale Tails Hotel.
July 2020, Whale Tails Hotel and padel court.
August 2020, Whale Tails Hotel and padel court.
September 2020, Whale Tails Hotel.
Video of construction site
Drone view of Knippenga and Whale Tails made by Tim van Dijk, november 2019.
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3D impression
Click in the black box below to see an interactive panorama view of a room design in the Whale Tails Hotel. After that you can click to open in full screen.
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