Statia, Dutch Caribbean (Sint-Eustatius)
Knippenga Bay
Statia, Dutch Caribbean (Sint-Eustatius)
Oceanview culinary experiences

A warm welcome to Statia, Sint Eustatius !

Located on the edge of Statia Areal Volcano National Park ( Quill ), Whale Tails restaurant, lounge club and hotel is a sensational retreat with exquisite accommodation, outdoor spa, sophisticated dining scenes and wonderful jungle-fringed infinity pool.

Surrounded by luxuriant tropical vegetation, the thoughtfully crafted interiors exude quiet sophistication, with their lavish rich furnishings made of indigenous materials, and colorful exotic details. The marvelous outdoor spaces feature daybeds and fully furnished terraces ideal for alfresco dining, and the only connection with the outside world is a 2 miles adventurous road.

Whale Tails is a next step on the esteemed Knippenga Estate (www.villarentcaribbean.com)

Boutique hotel

The elegant designed boutique hotel is the warm welcome to Whale Tails Club. It is the central building where you find the reception and the staff that serve the whole complex.

Whale Tails Hotel is build according to the current knowledge and highest standards of hurricane proof constructing.

Have a look at the interior of the rooms



The clubhouse of Whale Tails Club has 4 luxury one bedroom apartments ready for renting. All apartments have a private entrance, a fully equipped kitchen, bathroom and private terrace with ocean view.

The clubhouse is located just opposite of Knippenga Avenue and only 20 steps from the Whale Tails Hotel.

Padel !

Play padel tennis at Whale Tails Padel Club.

The court is open since january 2021 and is accessible for guests staying at Whale Tails or at Knippenga Estate and for everyone who likes to play this popular new sports. Make reservation to be sure of not having to wait.

Whale Tails Restaurant

We're open!

Cuba Cafe

The elegant Cuba Café bar, lounge and eating spot, situated right above the Whale Tails Restaurant.

We serve a wide range of tapas and we have an inviting cocktail menu.

Drone view

In March and April 2021 these drone views of Whale Tails Club are made.

The restaurant and Cuban Cafe are operating, the padel court and pool are in use and the apartments are ready for renting.

In the background, on The Quill’s slopes, the villas of Knippenga can be seen.

The island that’s clearly visible in the ocean shot is Saint Kitts.


Situation of the Whale Tails Club terrain as it is planned