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Padel tennis

Play padel on Statia’s professional court at Whale Tails Club. Game on!

Padel is a mix of tennis and squash, a recreative sport that is growing in popularity worldwide. It’s played in doubles on a court surrounded by glass. These glass walls are part of the game. The technique is not difficult and this makes it an easy sport to learn. It is both fun and dynamic.

Whale Tails Club features a professional oudoor padel court. The court meets the requirements of major padel organizations: FEP, FIP, NPB, KNLTB.

Padel basics

Main ins and outs of padel:
• The court is half the size of a tennis court, and is surrounded by glass.
• The ball is softer than a tennis ball.
• Racquets are shorter than tennis racquets, solid and perforated.
• Padel is played in doubles.
• Padel uses the same scoring system as tennis.
• Winning team wins two of three sets.
• Players can use the walls.
• Serves are done from behind the service line, diagonally as in tennis.
• Two serve attempts are allowed.

padel players


Get fit and have fun while staying on Statia. Whale Tails Club, right next door to Knippenga Estate, offers sports utilities including a professional outdoor padel court that matches requirements of major international padel organizations.

The natural environment with view on Quill mountain on one side and ocean view on the other side makes playing padel at Whale Tails Club most pleasurable in the Caribbean!

Padel at night!

The padel coourt is very well lit. The evening hours after sunset are perfect for playing, as you see in the first Statian Padel Tournament!

Padel vacation

Play padel in your caribbean vacation. Rent an accommodation at the adjacent Knippenga Estate, just a few steps from the court. Knippenga offers luxury villas for groups up to 8 persons, apartments and rooms.

Padel in the media

Former sports champions Ronald de Boer and John van Lottum explain why padel is so popular. They are enthousiastic padel players themselves. (Dutch spoken)